Joju UPF Testing

Joju UPF Testing

We take sun protection seriously. Each of our products is lab tested and certified in accordance with AATCC Test Method 183, the standard test method used in the United States.

The AATCC-183 measures the UV radiation blocked or transmitted by fabrics intended to provide UV protection. Think of it like the SPF of sunscreen (UPF is to clothing as SPF is to sunscreen).

We send all of our fabrics to an independent lab for testing and certification. The lab uses a spectroradiometer to measure the exact amount of UV radiation that is able to pass through it. The result of this test determines the effective UPF rating. 

Below is a sample UPF certification report showing ultraviolet protection factor results. This one is specific to our Laguna, Laguna Cropped & Laguna Relaxed Fit. 

Every Joju item proudly bears our Sun-Safe Certificate, indicating that it is UPF50+ and will protect you against 98% of UVA and UVB rays.