Sun Safety Tip: Sun Protecting Foods

Sun Safety Tip: Sun Protecting Foods

Sunscreen & UPF clothing are top lines of defense against the sun - but once again, we are what we eat. Studies have proven that the foods we consume can enhance our sun protection. 

Vitamins like B3, C, and E, carotenoids as well as fatty acids and polyphenols may delay the process of sunburning.

The catch: food is no substitute for sunscreen or sun protective clothing. Studies indicate that you need to eat the nutrients for weeks on end in order to get some amount of sun protection - and it never nears 100%.

Nevertheless, dig into these foods to help protect against sun burn:

  • Blueberries (rich in antioxidants & vitamin C)
  • Salmon (rich in vitamin B3, omega-3 fatty acids,and astaxanthin)
  • Peanuts (rich in vitamin B3)
  • Tomatoes (rich inlycopene, a carotenoid)
  • Bell peppers (full of vitamin C and lycopene)
  • Broccoli (good source of vitamins C and E)
  • Green tea (rich in polyphenols)
  • Watermelon (great source of lycopene)